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Tempus is a minimal level-based tube shooter.  Move your ship along the outer edge of the field and fire at oncoming enemies to earn points.  There are a limited number of bullets that can be fired before your ship needs to recharge.  Did an enemy get too close?  Jump above the field and fire to clear any enemies that have reached the edge.  Be sure to defeat them all before time runs out.

Featuring music by Simon Hjort


  • Choose 3 characters (A-Z) to represent yourself while competing against people online (keyboard required on desktop platforms for name entry)
  • Create your own levels and share them via a JSON file
  • Online leaderboards for custom levels


  • Keyboard (Desktop)
    • Navigate menus - arrow keys, spacebar, enter, escape
    • Move - arrow keys, A/D
    • Fire - spacebar, enter
    • Jump - shift
  • PS4 Dualshock (Desktop)
    • Navigate menus - left stick, d-pad, Circle, Cross
    • Move - left stick (horizontal), d-pad (horizontal)
    • Fire - Circle, L2, R2
    • Jump - Triangle, L1, R1
  • Xbox One Controller (Desktop)
    • Navigate menus - left stick, d-pad, A, B
    • Move - left stick (horizontal), d-pad (horizontal)
    • Fire - A, LT, RT
    • Jump - X, LB, RB
  • Switch Pro Controller (Desktop)
    • Navigate menus - left stick, d-pad, A, B
    • Move - left stick (horizontal), d-pad (horizontal)
    • Fire - A, ZL, ZR
    • Jump - X, L, R
  • Touch Controllers (Oculus Quest)
    • Navigate menus - point, right primary button, right secondary button
    • Move - left stick (horizontal)
    • Fire - right primary button
    • Jump - left trigger, right trigger


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Tempus Linux x64.zip 30 MB
Tempus macOS.zip 24 MB
Tempus Windows x64.zip 26 MB
Tempus Windows x86.zip 23 MB
Tempus.apk 26 MB
TEMPLATE.json 842 bytes

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Hey! Shane from SideQUest. Game looks great, one issue with the download user flow. I sent you a message on SideQuest with details.

Thank you!

Looks cool. Are you gonna add this game to Sidequest?

I hadn't considered that.  I might do it once I give the game a little more polish.  Thank you!

Nice! Hope to see it there soon :)


Any progress? I would still love to see it on Sidequest.

Still working on it!  No new updates quite yet though, since I'm redoing how most of the game works.  I'll let you know when a new update is available!